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As a natural skeptic of virtualization products, I often joke about it because I equate the whole virtualization movement to that of OS/2 vs Microsoft years ago.  Given the two options in the past, I fortunately as a career chose Microsoft over IBM. But now with the decision of virtualization at hand, I’m going to ahve to change things up a bit and stay on the conservative side of technology with physical hardware over virtualization.

Now that being said, virtualization can work right? Virtualization in its many forms has become very successful, both by the technical community in application and in terms of capital gains. Ive seen it do decent things for non tier 1 applications and processes.

But as a skeptic, I firmly believe ANY proposed virtualization product or solution needs to be properly vented through before any larger investment is made. Think of it, these virtualization companies are ultra slick and provide meaningful metrics and ROI models that are hard not to sell to corporate america.

What makes virtualization easy to sell? I honestly believe that as a result of cutting back on technology investments over the past 3+ years of economic turmoil, corporations are very turned on by the promises of virtualization and potential cost savings. And unfortunately as far as i’m concerned, corporations will ultimately suffer greater financial cost in the long run.

Hopefully the tools you find on this site and and the once we post on Sourceforge will help you make your own decisions about virtualization. If you are an honest engineer or developer the reason you are here is because its important to validate technology. Benchmarks in its many forms and precise and measurable testing is what we base our reports on, and if you have enough influence – so will the companies you work for.

Please add commentary either here on our site or at sourceforge. We will gladly make any requested code updates to help make your i/o testing and analysis something easier to manage. If you would like to contribute to the code or get a copy of the source, feel free to sign up. Thanks and test on! Oh and keep the data real!


As a Virtual Infrastructure “Engineer/Architect” type - I care deeply about implementing proper virtualization solutions and supporting end users. Technology is a challenge, and it's fun to navigate its waters. Writing code to automate things is a priority for me, and something I enjoy doing when I'm not working. -- Feel free to swing by our SourceForge site and check out some of our efforts. Until then - cheers friends!

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5 Responses

  1. M.Eddy says:

    This application is outstanding. Thank you for publishing to sourceforge! I have been looking around for a quick i/o benchmark program which allows me to fully benchmark our Cisco WAE switches. Having the ability to create a unique file with encryption each transaction has helped us tremendously and allowed us to push our hardware and solutions.

  2. jooyoungj says:

    Wow, I really need a tool like this !

  3. A.Pillai says:

    This application has seriously helped us out. The options are unlimited in the way this application can be used to test the IO performance of our provisioning solution. We were able to simulate boot storms, and literally take down our EMC storage with this tool. Huge props for developing this performance tool.

  4. Pichai says:

    i want this program.
    Thank you

  5. T.Mims says:

    Pichai – here is where you can download the SB code and binary –> http://sourceforge.net/projects/serverbenchmark/

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