server benchmark [s.b]

S.b (Server Benchmark) was written to allow administrators and power users to further leverage a burn in process for server, VM’s, and desktop hardware.  S.b has several very powerfull features aand can be used to processors and memory.

  • To run S.b, simply double click on the .exe.
  • If you would like to allow S.b to dynamically choose how many threads to use, set the value of the text box to the left of ‘SET Threads’ to 0 [zero].
  • To start the processor benchmark or burn-in process, click on ‘START p’.
  • After clicking on ‘START p’, you will see how many threads have been dispatched and how many increments per second are processed.
  • To start the utilizing the array and writing data to memory, key in any random text or number in the second text box right above ‘chars in length’.

This code is not to test how fancy the video card is or what version of direct x happens to be on the pc or server.  This benchmark is for those of you that want to push their memory and processing resources to the max and keep it there for a predefined amount of time.  Burn in your builds, don’t fluff around.  This benchmark also works great as a counterpart to our i/o performance analysis tool. Especially for benchmarking your vmware or citrix farms.


As a Virtual Infrastructure “Engineer/Architect” type - I care deeply about implementing proper virtualization solutions and supporting end users. Technology is a challenge, and it's fun to navigate its waters. Writing code to automate things is a priority for me, and something I enjoy doing when I'm not working. -- Feel free to swing by our SourceForge site and check out some of our efforts. Until then - cheers friends!

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3 Responses

  1. B.Rohdi says:

    This application is great and thanks for adding the command line switches to remotely start the benchmark. We ran a 4 hour gradual influx bench with progressive array memory consumption and approximately 2400 threads per processor on each VM. The ESX farm was comprised of 200 2×2’s running from Dell r700 servers and backed by EMC storage. By the time the second hour rolled around, we had completely tanked the fiber connection and collapsed the entire vmware configuration. Not a good site, but it allowed us to properly gage our capacity and opportunity for improvement and growth. The only thing this application didn’t do was chart out a visio of the infrastructure.

  2. gripster says:

    tried it on a windows server 2008 r2 x64 system with 32 gig ram. but it didn’t start


    I would like to find out if you have a software that could test server performance in a cloud environment and in a physical environment?

    Patiently anticipating your reply

    Many thanks


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